Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Best Posts of Whatever Works 2010!

Not much inclined to write about best post of something or making any lists of this and that. But during a smoke break, a crazy incessant thought came to me saying, hey Jonas, how bout this crazy incessant thought: since you are always out of ideas or just too lazy to come up with ideas to write in your blog, why not try something different this year like writing the best post of 2010? There may be some poor blokes, or perverts, or those who are on their way to become one out there who missed something from the past year. Who knows maybe one of those posts will inspire one of them or keep them company during a loney night.

That still didn’t budge me to do anything. So I took a deep drag of my cig and thought that idea is crazy, not my style, but on an afterthought, I like it. So I told myself, okay Self, I’ll do it. I’ll write the post but only after a few shots of brandy on the rocks tonight.

So now just have a few of those rocky-brandy shots, and I am now ready to present to you, ladies and blokes: The Best Posts of Whatever Works 2010!

[Now wait, I have this little note: You see, I am not much of a blogger either. I average 1 or 2 blog posts a month this year, which I think is a consistency on my part since I started blogging 3 years ago. So I found the picking of a shortlist of the best this year very easy indeed. Kay, nuff said.]

Here's said list:

Profiling My Little Psychological Nook (or things you'll find in my room)

J. D. Salinger's Death: The Sound Of One Hand Clapping

My Job, This Blog, and Druuna

Sweet'O Voice of Yesteryears, or Now I Know I Could Do It

What do you read?

Conversations With My Self

A Tale of Two Piles

A Boned Life, Books, Comics, & My New Job (Yay!)

Friday Drunk, Mother’s Talk, and My Gold Mine

I Now Have a PLAN!

So there. That should at least silence the little conscience inside me. Also enjoy! A shot of rocky-brandy will do it for yah! Promise.


  1. Hi Jonas, years ago we went in the same school. This post of yours is your best post ever..truly it is! Happy to know you have changed a lot in terms of your thinking about life..back then... you were too simple.This is my first time reading your blogs...and i'm impressed.

  2. As we also used to say during our time, that is, when a brother did a good job decorating the chapel and you gave him a slight tap on the back, and the brother would say something like, “Imo na lang na!” Then picked the broom, went to the refectory, ate a hot and spicy pancit canton and off to the rest of the day’s routine. But those were the days. People change, ennit? And every time somebody I know from the past reminds me of the good old days, this poor ole bloke becomes nostalgic… Please know that I am quite happy you found my little nook on the internet. And I appreciate the kind words. And just like during our time, when we felt that the other person was sincere of his words, you’ve to say “Salamat brad, libre ka canton unya.”

  3. True..people really change because of different circumstances.Don't be (of becoming nostalgic) anyway, thank you for the genuine invitation (lami gyud ang pancit canton)hahha...I have seen in your blogs some pictures of your books inside your world (nook)...and by the way, while i was looking to the pictures..i wanted to see a book (something black)(hope you'll get wat i mean..of course you will). well, probably it's in your bed. And you are reading it from time to time.

  4. The black book. Yes, the book. One elderly man once got inside my room (hired him to fix the door) and was a bit amazed of the books invading the spaces of my little world. And you know what he asked me? He asked if I have a copy of that black book. Looked at him and didn't see much of a person who you could say a black book reading type. He’s a silent man though when not a drop of drink in his body, which happens very rarely. When trouble broke outside my apartment, you could tell he's part of it. Anyways, he asked me about the book. And sought it among debris of teared pages of my notebooks and unwashed clothes. Gave it to him. His face brightened. That was the first time I saw his face brightened as if the angel Tali put a glow to his wrinkled face. He looked at the book for a moment, thanked me and went his way, whichever way he went to at the middle of the day. Every time I pass him and his crew drinking the grog. He never fails to mention my name, tells his friends I gave him the book, and offers me a drink, which I often decline telling him I haven’t food in my stomach to go with the rum they were drinking. This time it’s me face brightening. Now that's the story of the black book. Hope everything’s fine at your end. Thanks again fro coming these parts. Please visit again from time to time, I’ll keep the taps flowing.

  5. Wow! that was a good story about the black book.'s not only your face that brightens every time that elderly man says your name..but mine as well. That book will be in the hands of someone whom one day he'll pass it on to another soul who needs it most. Remember, you started it...never tired of sharing the black book to anyone (of course you won't!).