Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My First Post of 2011! Or A Quick Drunk Reminiscence of 2010!

I recall it was January 2010. I was mulling over my future. Working as an advertising specialist in a huge corporation, I was not happy with where I was and what I was doing that time. The job was quite easy actually making up things out of nothing, messing up the poor minds and eyeballs of people who happened to see my works on our advertising site. In short, it was a very fine good paying job, as my mother would put it.

I resigned anyway to the dismay of my advertising team and our manager, and the consternation of my mother. You can still come back if ever you change your mind, said the manager. We handshaked and off I went into the world of unemployment and new adventures.

It’s one year now. I haven’t changed my mind. Even managed to hop in from one company after another, 4 companies, and my last count says 8 companies in all since I left the good old university. And it seems like I’ve done the right decision, that is, after a time working with new faces in a new working environment, meeting more interesting people and some characters I couldn't find anywhere else. And yes, also met a very lovely woman for a companion along the way. I keep losing, though, many good friends and wonderful workmates every time the call to leave hit my gut.

Yet all I can say now is that everything in the world seems not showing any sign of disinterest in their wonderful conspiracy to bring me closer to something. Whatever it is, I only have the slightest hint. But with all the downsides, upsides and all those screeds that go with not settling down to some good place, I am enjoying the journey.

And hope you are, too, wherever you are and whatever you have now this New Year! Here’s my best wishes and prayers for whatever its worth for 2011! Cheers everyone!


  1. I'm not a writer..but I love words.. And yours are just right to my taste... Thanks for the inspiring lines...

    "But with all the downsides, upsides and all those screeds that go with not settling down to some good place, I am enjoying the journey."

    Life is truly a jungle.. It's all about the survival of the strongest and the fittest.
    Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Thanks WordLover. I am a lover of words, too. And you apparently have a good taste for words, vanity aside. Thanks for coming these parts and leaving a warm comment. Hope to hear from you again and truly appreciate your kind words.