Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Job, This Blog, and A Nice Pic of Druuna

So sorry you poor lone pervert you! I’ve neglected this blog. I’m working on a big website on Comics that I’ll soon link here. Promise I’ll make up for everything when I get tired of the job, and just leave a resignation letter on my desk till someone finds it there. And when one does, which I cannot without some doubt, I’ll already be gone from their lives. Forever. Yes, forever (I am looking at you Lord Rambo Killing-Machine you.)

You know what that means. I’ll soon be having the 30-day drunkfest, constant blogging when the thirst is properly sated till I get thirsty again, make love to the woman I love (whoever she may be), read all the good books I’ve hoarded for over a month now, go to a cheap beach resort in Lapu-Lapu, and, when everything in me is nicely satiated, will try to find another good writing stint somewhere, or any work to sustain me for another 3 months or so.

And since I’m always nice to you, I’ll put below a picture almost unrelated to this post.

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