Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Created A New Website & I'll Soon Be Rich

As if this blog is not enough to occupy me, I’ve created a new website that I seriously think I can earn money. Lots of money.

The concept is simple, which was actually influenced by Giacomo Casanova who wrote, or did he quote it from another writer? I am too lazy to know. Anyway, I owe the idea from him who said: “He knows nothing who does not draw profit from what he knows.”

Inspired by that precept, I decided to just apply what I know best, which is writing excellent SEO articles that Google would love, and get rich doing it. So I created this website in less than an hour complete with a cool template and kick-ass introduction (hey, it’s my website, go create yours and show it to me).

Satisfied with what I’ve done, I’ll now wait what will happen next, which I imagine would be lots of fun when all those lazy website owners start coming to me asking for brilliant web content articles, and them rich clients paying me money, lots of money. And I’ll soon have more money in my bank account than I can spend and I’ll be happy and the clients will be happy, too, as their websites will be ranked higher in Google searches, and people will read those awesome shits I wrote for them and they would also be happy, and everybody will be happy.

So that’s that. Also, I write this post not just to show as if I regularly update this blog, but also to quell this gnawing feeling inside me for being lazy, drunk, and quarrelsome. And there seems to be no other remedy than to put down thoughts on a page and execute ideas that have somehow convinced me to be important and profitable. Or so I think.

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