Friday, April 23, 2010

Wala na si Valero

Edwin Valero (27-0, 27 knockouts) stabbed his 24-year-old wife to death. He took suicide afterwards in jail by hanging himself using his sweat pants - the fucking bastard. He is 28.

Here's an exchange of e-mail from a fellow hardcore boxing fan and wordslinger below:

Jerry to me (7:50 PM, 15 hours ago)

"Wala na si Edwin Valero... sayang kaayo, would have been a good opponent for Pacman."

Jonas to Jerry (8:25 PM, 15 hours ago)
"So tragic. A great loss.. Sigh** "

Like many hardcore scribblers and fans in boxing around the world, this kind of tragedy has all left us bereft of words.

Bid you now fair winds, you fucking Edwin Valero bastard you! Shake the devil's hand for me. And please be kind to slug devil's face with your awesome 1-2 combination for us poor blokes you left behind.

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