Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Suicide doesn't stop to perplex me, tempting even.

There must be something in it our mothers did not tell us. Now, wait I'm calling my mother. MOTHERRR!

[Enters mother]

Mother, you didn't tell me something I need to know 'bout suicide?

It's nothing but fads from distorted minds, Beauty.

Mother I told you not to call me that.

Oh so sorry Sweet Darling, I'll remember that.

Umm, well, you always say that and yet...Oh, you depressing me more, mother, and I am on this serious occupation about suicide that I am about to share with my other unhappy fellow geeks in the internet. Now go away!

[Exeunt mother]

Anyway. I sense an appealing greatness in suicide than what I was taught mostly by priests to supposedly understand it.

As of now, I regard the suicides as the most enlightened, courageous, highly retarded individuals.

Why can't people kill themselves? Why don’t you? Well maybe someday, I’ll try it and see if it’s fun or the end of it. But there's still that unfinished business awesome things to do like messing up more people's brains, provided they have one, or kicking some more dumb beggars in the streets.

But, why don’t you kill yourself before me? Now these are the foremost of all questions. Without some answers, why should one continue living?

Most people say that those who took suicide are people who are simply hopeless sicko, there's nothing else for them to do, or just mere cowards. Shakespeare wrote that cowards die a thousand deaths while the valiant dies but once. Damn right Shakespeare!

But, who are the cowards [those who fear seeing blood gushing out from their wrists using a nailcutter]? And, who are the valiant [those awesomest pilots made from Japan who added innovation and meaning in aviation]? Now answer me you fucking dead Shakingspeare!

If we choose to live, we are wonderfully taking into our hands the responsibility of a thousand ways to die. And if we choose to die a singular death, it's shunning away nine-hundred ninety-nine other possible deaths. Sounds great, even fun. Oh wait, perhaps I am taking away from its context what Shakespeare meant to say here (I’d love to kick his ass anyway), but can it also be true in this case?

However, is our Guy De Maupassant right when he wrote his story “The Coward”? Quite repugnant story I threw-the-fuck-up.

If people continue living, are they ignorant? Of course, most are. Idiot.

Or people are aware of this and yet continue living as before? Well I know some. Indeed, the herd of full-blown retards I know, those happy-go-lucky bastards living-merrily-for-tomorrow-we-die-spirited-son-of-bitches, yes, the lovely Epicureans.

Or still some people know it and yet, out of weakness, continue living, hoping stubbornly for something… It will not come in your lifetime freaks! Now go away!

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