Monday, March 24, 2008

Holy Fuss

HOLY THURSDAY. Nothing near to holiness happened today. I woke up so late I thought I’d slept throughout my whole 4-day-vacation. Dammit! Panicking…

"What day today?," I hollered from my room to anyone, or to whoever may have heard it.

"Holy Thursday afternoon, idiot!," Little Sister said. Oh, God bless her for hearing me.

"Uh! Bless you Little Sis."

"Shutup, freak.."

I felt woozy from last night’s bash and a bit confused whether I succeeded to rape that old woman or not.

I drink my coffee no sugar lazily and tried to plan out my vacation period. I don’t want to waste my time for nothing, stupid, I said to my self. After some hard thought, I got a pen and a notebook, took my time, and laid out the plan carefully. I felt quite satisfied afterwards and excited to execute it right away. I looked at the scribbles in my notebook again. There were only three words written on the page.
Sleep, sleep and sleep.

I like the plan. It's short and easy to remember. With that I felt wonderfully accomplished.

"So what’s your plan for your vacation?" Little Sister shouted from somewhere.

"What’s so important with vacations, Little Sissy, but sleep?"

"But don’t you have any plan like going to church, light a candle or something? It’s holy week for chrissakes!"

"Oh, is it? Well I’ll make the week more holy by sleeping. Did not God do just that after laboring creation? He rested, probably sleeping on the seventh day, and when God woke up he decreed that the day be made holy. And so it goes."

"If I listen more to you, imbecile, I’ll be in no time lost all my convictions.. Why don’t you finish your coffee and stop stirring it with your middle finger?"

"Don't you really have any taste for variation, Sis?"