Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Drunk, Mother’s Talk, and My Gold Mine

Exactly 7 weeks since my last post. Lots of things have happened since, and I am excited to tell you about them. When I say I am excited, it means I am a bit drunk. Because it’s Friday and yesterday was payday, and I have lots of money in my pockets to burn.

And when it’s Friday and you have monies in your pockets, you should get drunk, right? Wrong. I should stop drinking. This is not good. But this booze was a gift given to me by a good friend. And wine tastes doubly great when given for free. So I suppose I am exempted tonight (hehehe this is my lucky night!).

This emptying of bottles should end after this one, however. If you really want to know, I have now moderated my drinking. Because more important things have came up, and I can’t possibly actualize those good plans with a hangover in the morning. Every morning.

As said, I have an exciting (there’s that word again) 7 weeks, and I think I need to break them down to make this post less drunk.

I Hit a Gold Mine

Not in a big way. But still a gold mine. I am referring to my job.

What? Your job? A gold mine? It is, my friend. Now let me explain. As mentioned gazillion times on this blog, I am not the type of person who stays in one company for a long time. My current record is 10 months. And that was the time when I taught Humanities and Philosophy in a college in Leyte.

When I feel like I have nothing more to prove, or learn from the company I work for, or sometimes other less romantic reasons, I resign and hop in to another. So that makes 8 companies in all for almost 3 years. And this got my family really worried, especially my mother who would call me right away whenever she heard the news of me resigning from a job.

It was a good work, a fine company, she would say. Why in Jesus’ name did you resign? You're already 27! You should find a good girl, settle down blah blah blah... She would go on to lecture me on the perils of my choice and the virtue of patience and hard work for 8 or more occasions. But none of us learned from those long talks.

But good things happen to those who don’t settle down, I think. At least it happens to me. I found a good company, with good people, and the right ideas they are giving me, which resulted of me earning more money than my past jobs. And there's that greater possibility to earn more if I manage to stay sober, minimize my brooding, drink my nightly glass of milk, and read more Tim Ferriss, Robert Kiyosaki, and Pat Flynn.

(Cripes. This post has gone too long. So I am going to two-part it or maybe more. Sorry for the tease. Some more posts next time.)


  1. wow.. glad to hear that Jonas.. yes. you should stop drinking na oist. Think of the side effects of perpetual drinking... nah.. anyways, guys are like that.. but not all..

  2. Thanks for the comment Cebu City. Hope to hear from you again soon.

  3. "But good things happen to those who don’t settle down, I think. At least it happens to me."- Hi, sobrang naka-relate ako dito. SEO writer din ako, homebased (i'm earning more money than my past jobs, too). Kudos!- Mavic

  4. Hello Mavic.. Good to know another SEO writer like you. Thanks for coming these parts and leaving a comment. Keep on writing and earning more money! Drop me some lines on how you do it, too. I'll surely appreciate it, or maybe some readers who may stumble upon this blog will appreciate it. Looking forward to hear from you again. Cheers!