Sunday, October 17, 2010

IOU A Post Internet

Arrived an hour from SM. Withdrew some cash, bought my vitamins, a can of powdered milk, and two books. One is a biography of Woody Allen by Eric Lax. The other is a novel by Norman Mailer, The Gospel According to the Son.

I was thinking of filing some articles this evening, but I don’t feel like doing it. I read Watchmen instead, which goes without saying is much greater than the movie. Cripes, I should have read the graphic novel first, then watch the movie. But I keep doing things backwards. A handicap.

I was not reading much the past weeks. Except plenty of comic books. I finished one fine book though, which I think deserves a whole post. The book is called Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Don’t be discouraged by that title as I was when Louie told me about this book. It took exactly a month before I picked that book again, and read it till wee hours in the morning.

If you are like me, you should read the book. It can do you good. It has done me some good, to say the least. Because we all deserve better in life. And because of that book, I now have a plan, which I am now really hoping to achieve, one day at a time. But these things are best for another post.

I still did not finish reading Look Homeward, Angel or rather I stopped after reading half of that thick book, and put it back to the bookshelf. Speaking of bookshelf, I fail to mention it in my last post that I have a new bookshelf. I finally have a decent shelf for my books which some of them were damaged by dampness and pests (sigh!).

That’s that for now. Need a smoke outside. When I get back, I’ll watch A Clockwork Orange. If I like it, which I think I will, I’ll go find the book. Also saw The Bridge of San Luis Rey last night, and have yet to read the book. Yes, I am doing everything backwards these days.

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