Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Now Have a PLAN!

'... create something, make things happen.. just start quick and dirty.."

That's Zen Habits, man.

A good writer once wrote that writing about how you earn your money is a thing that readers will like. Hope you’re that kind of reader and join me as I embark on a journey towards financial freedom (that’s a Robert Kiyosaki phrase right there, straight from the book).

Don’t worry, this is not a get-rich-quick-snake-oil kind of scheme. Mine’s a pure manly work, yet not your usual ‘equal-pay-for-equal-hour-of-hard-work’ kind of work either. Although there’ll still be lots of hard work to put into this, of course, but it will be more at the outset of the project, as all good projects should be.

The thing is: everything will hopefully be automated when everything’s in the right place, and starts to have a life of its own, with just me at the background working a bit, making necessary adjustments, navigating smartly like a captain on a ship enjoying his grog. Other words, you’ll see me doing lots of dirty works these coming 2-3 months. Then, I’ll try to see if the plan has worked out fine (yehey, I’m sure it will), or not (whew, shudder).

To keep me focused on my goals, I’ll regularly update you with the progress of this unique journey. Certain details on how I do things exactly, which may perhaps help you learn from whatever success or failures I may commit from here.

As you may know, this is the first time that I do something like this. So it’s quite normal that everything’s a blur of beautiful things right now. But I am pretty much optimistic. I think this is something I’ve been waiting for. Hope you will show me some support, Internet.

There, I’ll certainly love it.

(Next post: So What Exactly is the Plan?)


  1. eeyyy, so excited for your plan too, whatever that is! Hehehe

    A bunch of support is in store, so go on!


  2. Haha.. Thanks Brycee.. I am truly excited with this thing I am doing right now. Will have an update of this soon here. Glad for your quick comment, buddy. Keep doing well there.