Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Miscellaneous: Quick Shopping, Graphic Novels, Books, Centrum & Magic Potion Cup

This should have also appeared in the previous post, but it had gone too long. So I decided to make a separate one. Because I want this blog to appear like I update it regularly, and also because I was in a hurry that time.

The thing is I wrote A Boned Life, Books, Comics, & My New Job (Yay!) in Neotopia, an internet café you usually found in malls. I was in SM that time where, after I published said article, I had a quick shopping. When I said quick shopping, it means buying these sorts of things below that have kept me going as a poor wordslinger.

If you are like a doomed-souled troglodyte like me, a Hierophant of the Church of Awesome, an epitome of Machiavellian proportion if you will, your existence will not be as closer as living in The Sprawl or tasting a life of a well-off Coruscantian, and your life will be cut off short, without a regular supply of these great lores, or at least it is in my case:

Yes, kids, aside from my nightly glass of milk, I also take Centrum after breakfast. I bought 3 graphic novels (or so I thought they were all graphic novels) at discounted prices. Two novels at 15 pesos each. One written by Louis L”Amour, the other is by E. M. Forster. There’s a green neat cup right there which was purchased at only 82 pesos. Also just click on the picture to see it bigger, and awesomer!

These are three graphic novels. One of them I found out at home is not. Guess which one? It’s author is one of my latest discovery. Although I’d always heard of his name mentioned with great reverence in the nerd world, I’ve just started to devour his great tales of awezomse.

Say hello! to my water-slash-coffee-slash-gin cup I now use in the office. Isn't it a beauty? Will drink my daily dose of magic potion from it. Especially when the Boss is not around. Now, maybe you want to tell me about some special things that have kept you going everyday, or maybe about your cup too?


  1. Did you get the Mirrormask book at NBS? I saw it, but I have the picture book edition already so I passed.

  2. I found the thing in Powerbooks and it only cost me 199 pesos. Thanks for coming these parts.