Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Profiling My Little Psychological Nook

You will know a man they say by what you can find in whatever cave or nook he lives in. Nothing much with mine. But let’s humor each other and see if anything my little psychological nook can tell us about me.

Picture 1

1. A LCD clock with foldable leather pen holder given to me by a good Dominican priest back when I was a student at UST. Clock no longer working but still keep it as it reminds me of the good ole days.

2. Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov that I put here to make me appear smarter, better read, and shit.

3. A world map that I’ve been trying to memorize since college but till now I can’t still able to pinpoint where Poland ends and Austria begins, and vice versa.
4. My Compaq Presario laptop which I’ve been using for a year now.
5. A half-filled glass of cheap booze on the rocks to keep the good mood up when inspiration fails, and destroy my liver faster.
6. Henry David Thoreau’s Walden that I use to put the glass on so that the moisture or a spilled brandy won’t ruin my desk. Yes, I love that desk very much. Also I just realize that it's 
Henry David Thoreau’s Walden. Did I just commit a mortal sin?
7. Those are a good mixed of classic and pervert books.
8. That's an ashtray given to me by a brother-in-law to make sure that I die young.
9. Biography of John Dos Passos that I’ve been trying to finish since last year.
10. That’s a pack of Marlboros, genius.

Picture 2

1. A Penshoppe perfume-slash-air freshener, ready to use after a visit of the "ex"-girlfriend or after watching porn.
2. Telephone, which I hated with a passion, as it keeps interrupting me when the "ex"-girlfriend is in the room or when I’m surfing porn.
3. A white-doodle-drawing board that I also use to remind me of how I am accomplishing nothing everyday.
4. Pointed out already in picture 1.
5. That’s Russia there! See, I know “jyugrapi”.
6. Downloaded Electronic-b, or E-book (depending on how stupid one is) of Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer for my regular dose of perversity.
7. Half-full/half-empty glass of cheap brandy.
8. Empty bottles of “likkers”.
9. That’s War and Peace of Leo Tolstoy there. Yeah. Right. Now. Shut. Up.
10. My nth stick of cigarette, so that I'll soon get cancer and die fast and be in Jesus’ embrace for eternity while those fragtards out there rot, burn, or freeze in Dante’s Circles of Hell.

Mr. Beanvatar says, "Chullulzhulz byehh!"


  1. ohw.. where's your girl there? i think shes in your bed, sleeping. ahahha lol

  2. The "Russia" and “jyugrapi” got me really laughing hard. But it's not even Russia. It's Alaska where Palin's igloo is. Good stuff, dude.

  3. @ Anonymous: What girl? My nook is off-limits for girls especially when I'm working, which is quite seldom. So most often a girl or two would crash in my room,but the "ex"-girlfriend would be there to beg them to go away, or claw their faces when they insist. True, that really happened, in my head.

    @ DMatrix: I laugh harder when you said it's Alaska where we can find the famous igloo of Sarah Palin. Lolzhultz.

  4. Thanks Loraine for reading and visiting these parts..

  5. will bring all your girls in your lil psycho nook: lyn joy phoebi loraine and all...

    thats my advance summer gift :)

    x gf

  6. Well, at least, you call it "nook" and I feel happy for that.

  7. Well, at least, you call it "nook" and I feel happy for that.

  8. nook means a corner, as in a room.

    i will keep you safe, baby. its better than open space...

    you know... there's million cockroach flying out there...

    xgf. :)

  9. .. yes, missus, even the cockroach can become a good company in every man's loneliest hours.

  10. well, i think you don't get it right. just a matter of understanding. well, i hope you "enjoy" in your "nook" with "cockroach" in participation of your "girls" (LORAINE and the rest listed above!)

    hope that sounds clear.

    xgf :p

  11. Now, that's more helpful, thanks.

  12. sure, no problem. congrats to both of you guys :)


  13. you and loraine. congrats. im happy that you've found the right one for you. keep it up boi! xgf :)

  14. hey, pila na diay mo ka months ni loraine makiling? :) hope your happy with her :)

    ma. jennilyn a. elopre

  15. huh?? pag sure mu oi.

  16. hahah lol. assuming :D