Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Happened, I Used to Be Cool

True. For almost nine years, I was what you would call "cool" or "kyul" or whatever.

But that’s past now. I drifted away from that life, and eventually turned uncool. Like when all people on the planet want to watch Thor or a huge Manny Pacquiao fight, I wouldn’t watch it. Okay, I lie on that second example. I’ve watched that huge fight last Sunday on a crappy livestream, which is almost equivalent of not watching it. But, I’ve seen that part when a hellacious left cross landed on Mosley’s face, the poor old fighter hit the canvass, the livestream froze, but that didn’t matter, I shouted at the top of my voice and clapped my hands like a crazy seal for over a minute, and a child in the next apartment cried loudly for almost an hour. So it didn’t exactly turn out well.

I somehow stopped being cool and that doesn't matter now. Nice people used to contact me or sent a sweet gal to me and asked me if I could be one of the facilitators of a big event, or speaker to that big event, or organized that big event. But I stopped going to any kind of events these days. I found out a couple of years ago that they’re only a waste of time. Then, burning bridges ensued, you know.

So I quit being cool, and started calling myself ‘nerd’, for lack of a better term. Because nerd is cute. And I love the habits that go with being nerd. Like I have more time now for emptying bottles and reading books and comic books and graphic novels I have hoarded for years.

So you see, I am not cool. Sod that!

Anyway, my life can be summed up by this line I've posted on Facebook. A beautiful, apt line I stole from the poet Jack Gilbert:
"I’ve lived a life now with a lot of quiet in it—either alone or with someone I’m in love with."

And that's an unrelated picture. For lultz.

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