Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Nerd Visited Paradise, Hangover, Black Eye

Let’s see. Things happened this past week. My team went to this place called Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort. Team-building, they call it. But it’s to get drunk really. So the whole time we did our best to get drunk, gorged victuals on spare time, when we’re not emptying the bottles, or for some fees, tried the ZipSplash, Monkey Bridge, all dandy facilities they have there. It’s a fine experience, a fun break from too much routine. Let me just lead you to this link where I wrote a full feature article on said weekend bash with my team.

Second, I got a black eye yesterday from playing basketball. The other guy got the brain hemorrhage and is recovering in the hospital. Okay, he wasn’t in the hospital but it came to my head of putting him there when I saw the damage of his accidental elbow shot to my face near the left eye. Fuck, I hate some awkward guys playing basketball. They should stick to playing on their neighborhood's one-on-one basketball, not in Norkis Park where seasoned players play. Their awkward moves caused a lot of accidents on the court, if they’re not hurting themselves, they hurt other players. Unfortunately, it’s me.

He’s taller, but I’m well-built physically and I think stronger for years of playing basketball and soccer. I almost ran him over on a drive and cheap-shot him every time he got near me. But playing with an eye shut wasn’t really working on my side if things go dirtier than it was already. And I am not a dirty player, though I played a lot of them for years. If things went to a free for all fight, I think I’ve befriended enough friends on the court including the referee who sided with us. And the guy’s a new face anyway on the court. 

When I confronted him after the hit, he turned scared like shit. Told him never to do it next time, if there’s next time, and stop brandishing both elbows like a fucking psychopath. One look at him and I think he got my point. He should.

Actually, it’s partly my fault. I played with a hangover, and had a bottle of Red Horse in the morning. But I’m still a fairly good player even in that condition. I can carry myself proper even with some alcohol in me. But still that’s not really a good thing to do especially pick-up basketball in Norkis Park.

If you want to get hurt, follow what I did. Because with alcohol in your body, the reaction time is a few split seconds late, your reflex isn't sharp, and playing with a bad reflex isn't a good idea in Norkis basketball, you're putting yourself in some dangerous situations which you normally avoided. So again for the nth time, it’s the same lesson learned.

Now excuse me. I’m going back to Norkis Park. No alcohol this time.

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