Monday, November 16, 2009

I Am an Edited Title

Now you may once recall that time when I wrote about how we should defend our women in the country from the likes of Alec Baldwin, who if you may also remember once threatened our young women to his filthy grasp, saying indifferently in a worldwide television how he would mail-order your cute sister, girlfriend, or that hot chic neighbor when his dirty fancy inspires him. Yes, that bastard, and how I reacted to his retarded shenanigans and how I used my detective skillz to stop his devious designs and defending our respectable Filipino women. But how can you defend your women when there are those who are sadly dollar-eyed, and simply want to have them in exchange of dignity and respect, ambitioning to taste the said easy life of a mail-ordered wife, and what's worst uses God as an excuse of procuring one. Those exactly make good reasons to digress.

[Blogger's note: The title and content were edited, and a good portion of this post was deleted for various reasons, which you can surely speculate on your own. Or whatever. Also there's that blue and funny Turn to Pro today! again. Cripes.]


  1. and i thought hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. apparently, guys are as scornfully dramatic as women, too.

    -some girl who stumbled on this blog.

  2. funny..surely he says soo much

  3. Amazingly I stumbled upon this blog without knowing how or why. And what's more amazing is knowing that there are still a lot of guys in this world who's got no respect. If you have lots to say, say it to your woman and not to the whole world. If you want people to respect you, at least show them that you have respect for them, too. Hope I will not be able to stumble upon this blog in the future.. this blog is a nightmare!'s from a person without a soul or shall I say from a person whose soul is buried deep down the walls of hell.

  4. 'side from that third anonymous, whose identity I easily disclosed with little IT skillz and with no small help of her lousy diction and grammar, I'd just like to return some cute response to 'some girl who stumbled on this blog' and the second commenter: "To you guys, well, thanks for visiting these parts and wish to have you back sometimes. I blog every other day, or weeks. But whatever, surely love and appreciate your time visiting here. Just hope next time you put a comment, please indicate your own blog/s so that I can visit yours too, and if needed, return the favor where favor is due. Again thanks."

  5. maybe you dont deserve even a little respect.

  6. laughing to commentator no. 3. maybe you should know the whole story before saying that. besides, we never know how that subject(girl) is worth any respect from any of us. esp. from the guy here who's angry as hell.

    and thumbs up to the author. hihi. =D


  7. for the author:

    im not sure if i should be pity or laugh because of this called broken,but even such pls give her atleast a little respect if she can only defend herself maybe she can call you also a "user".she is the cheap and you are the user,cant you see the good combination on it?

    alas,what a romantic lovestory wasted,too bad it was then a sacrifice relationship when it was all started and then just a boom she is the cheapest woman on earth.hahahaa..

    to the cheap woman:
    maybe you deserve him and deserve to be treated like that.if it was then all true the author's said.

    nevertheless,i just hope i can hear this cheap woman jenny her reaction.soon..

    i can see it coming..

    where are you jenny cheap?

  8. Oh my gawd! The post is queued with anonymous characters with one of them threatening the poor blogger with hell and damnation (shudders!), the other suiting up as a jury, and still the others donning the roles of the biblical mob.

    But, anyway, to Regina, thanks for being a friend.

  9. to the author:


  10. Author is obviously trying hard to speak, rather, write in English. (*-*)

  11. @ 7th Anonymous: I would rather write unblogworthy posts that sting rather than worthy ones that bore.

    @ Rain_on_me: That comment is for yourself, right?

  12. just a waste of time.

  13. hmmm.. this really makes me nosy? hope u'll write a post of what actually happened..hehe

  14. the whole story please...

    c'me on..

  15. sentences don't make sense. author's first language is not English and it shows. and he is clearly trying very hard to write in English.

  16. why is it edited? this is not the original blog.
    is mr. fucker jonas afraid of her cheap jenny?

    jonas perida is not a consistent writer,not a good one.

  17. yeah
    ,the author is afraid with her cheap woman.


  18. is jonas really a real man?

    maybe he is in a man's body but with a woman heart and attitude..

    ayayay! pre' date naman tau.

    i like you.nakakabakla ka pre!wooohhh

  19. if its not english, why do you understand???
    ahahahaha =D

    apply logic pls.

    *author's friend

  20. your really his friend regina, is he the father of your child?

    ****you defend him like he is your knight in shinning demond****wink*

    no wonder

  21. Seems like I've just hit a fucking watershed, or something. But anyway, thanks people, both laid and unlaid, for paying this poor soul some compliments. The thing is I already lost interest of this post. But, yes, I commend some commenters (or just one or two of you pseudo-bloggers hiding her fuctardity in a cloak of anonymity, yes, that's you in this open-close parenthesis) you and your retarded speculations and mindfarts. Yet still I invite you to come back more often. You’ll surely have more. So that’s that. Go now and bother other people in the webz.

  22. "...mindfarts..."

    hahaha, nice one bro!


  23. hahah, since when can a
    demon shine???

    come on!

  24. duh! as if.