Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Uncool Final Preparation for Manny Pacquiao Vs Miguel Cotto

I’ve a handicap of demonstrating my uncoolness. So while others are nursing their blood pressure and guarding their dear life for a possible heart attack, that is, while waiting for Manny Pacquiao’s fight tomorrow, I just stayed in my room reading lofty literature and watching filthy short clips of Maria Ozawa.

Okay, that was a long lie. I’ve not yet read a book for many days now and I hate Maria Ozawa with a passion (maybe another lie). And I actually fear for my dear soul to leave me, courtesy of a nice cardiac arrest, while eating tiny portions of my fingers (the nails are already consumed) and waiting for the hour when two guys try to kill each other inside the ring. In fact, some minutes ago, I asked my father to come with me to a nearby store where we bought a case of beers, drink half of the case of beers to pass the time while the other half is to be cooled off for tomorrow’s big fight.

So now just in case I left something off before tomorrow, I run down everything I need to prepare for the bout.

Here’s my little list:

  • bottles of beers (check)
  • put them in the cooler (check)
  • ready laptop for liveblogging (check)
  • delete barely legal videos and pictures in the storage for speed loading (check)
  • instruct girlfriend to buy me back-up booze, just in case (check)
That’s far for now. If I left off something, please do let me know by dropping some lines in the comment below.

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