Monday, December 7, 2009

The Holy Chore of Blogging

This is a fulfillment of a promise made some days ago, that is, to refresh or rethink my real intentions for this blog.

So I continue to pound my head for some lofty-gritty thoughts. But the stagger remains unyielding. But somehow I’ve learned to tough out, consoling myself of the thought that only the strong drink deeply in life, or whatever that means. And speaking of drink, I seemed to have satisfied a client (I haven't heard from him yet) who asked me to write some articles on vintage wines, and selected red and white varietals, while I myself is thirsting for one. So enough. Will need to go out then and buy some cheap grog outside. But that can wait a little. And, cripes, how these train of thoughts are taking me somewhere else.

As you can see, I am now breaking my habit of not blogging. Just feel like I am much obliged to that responsibility of the holy chore of writing. And contrary to some beliefs, I have so much love for this site here. Right. This is the site that has helped me discover my strong inclination to blogging. I owe it to this site that provides me a space for honing my voice, and try to find out if I like the sound of it, or hate it, or both. That is, at the expense of others, preferably not you. I mean you reading this.

Holycripes, I love and hate it. I love it because it’s really my voice and hate it because it hurts the feeling of others though without really my intention to do so. So whatever crap or awesome I may produce for the following days and weeks to come, you too are instrumental to it.

Meanwhile, allow this poor scribe to look at his piles of books first before he calls it a day, and goes his way out. He also made a promise to consolidate his books, rearrange them, and probably blog something about them for next post.


  1. It would be very kind of you if you could let your readers know about the December issue of CHRISTVS REGNAT, a journal of Catholic heritage from Ireland:

    We'd also be delighted if you linked to/followed/blogrolled our blog:

    Pray for me!

    God bless you!

    St. Conleth's Catholic Heritage Association

  2. You don't know? I have no readers, but what I do have are stalkers and perverts. You can have all of them stalkers and perverts all you want to your site. But I warn you, sometimes they are not nice.