Saturday, December 19, 2009

Reading Too Much Avatar in 299 Words

I leave the intelligent reviews to the savviest critics on the Avatar, a James Cameron’s creation. But after reading too much about the movie for the past days, it didn’t take long for me to get convinced the awesomeness of it, which said to trump everybody’s colossal expectations and then more.

And with that, I should be ready now to watch this singular movie of the year, or this past decade for that matter with the exemption of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Yet I’ve this incorrigible attitude not to watch a movie when everyone is talking about it. So I’ll probably watch Avatar when everyone’s quiet about it. That’s how uncool a geeky bloke I am.

Anyway, here are some of the significant points that will make other filmmakers weep for the next many years to come:

  • James Cameron’s Avatar not only crowns him as the current and legitimate movie’s King of the World, but also makes him the Filmmaker of this Century just as Alfred Hitchcock was with his Psycho.
  • As Time Magazine’s movie critic, Richard Corliss, puts it: the movie is “surely the most vivid and convincing creation of a fantasy world ever seen in the history of moving pictures — as a total sensory, sensuous, sensual experience.”
  • James Cameron has seemed to have perfected the use of state-of-the-art movie experience utilizing the 3-D format with about 60% of CG scenes, and eventually redefines what movies can achieve.
  • A unique movie comprises of blue characters with tails on a very strange planet, and is not based on any existing comic book, novel, or a popular video game. A risky enterprise that goes against all odds and is so far succeeding.
  • There are lots of blue boobs in the Avatar.
  • It’s James Cameron.