Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Random Thoughts: Shitty Weather, Transmetropolitan, Renato Madrid, etc...

- I woke up early at 6. Check the weather, take a shit. Check the weather again. Mild rain showers. Apparently not a good time to play basketball.

- Fixed a cup of coffee, a handful of biscuits, and turn on the laptop. Read the news on Mike Brown’s firing and the Lakers’ search for a new miracle worker/coach on Yahoo! Sports and ESPN NBA. Read everything I could find about the Miami Heat. First good news of the day: James and Wade practicing.

- Read some tweets.

- Now need a fix of Transmetropolitan. Have you read it? Know Spider Jerusalem? Cripes. Tell you what this is easily one of my best reads this year. I’ve heard of this comics, created by Warren Ellis, two years before while hooked on Hellblazer, in which Warren also had a wild, awesome run as a John Constantine scribe taking the good ol bastard to hell and back.

Meet John and Spider. They could be twins.

- November. There are still a few weeks to burn and catch up with my reading goal. As usual I bullshitted myself into committing to read 100 books this year. Hey, it’s an aim-for-the-moon-hit-the-eagle kind of goal and I think I am doing a decent job. Not good enough, but still…

- I was around 22 when I got the chance to teach Philosophy and Humanities in a college in Leyte.

- You’re old than you care to admit when you start talking about things that start with “back in the day” or “way back when.”

- In college I was like a sponge absorbing everything they taught me inside and outside the classroom. I was lucky to have excellent teachers like Fathers Joseph Tan, Dennis Villarojo, Ramon Echica, Leonilo Igloria, and, of course, Msgr. Rudy Villanueva aka Renato Madrid. Couldn’t ask for more. I'd my share of not good teachers too. Forget their names now.

- This rain isn’t stopping any time soon, and it may be for my own good. Now I can’t do anything but stay in my nook and scribble these things jumping off my head.

- A cup of coffee and my 7th cigarette and I’m still sleepy.

- When I lay down and close my eyes, I become restless. My brain roams, my conscience pricks and my heart admonishes me for being lazy.

- Need a drink.

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