Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Fix Is In

The fix is in. I am just your regular junkie. I played basketball this morning with only a few hours sleep. But it was good as shit through a dusty gutterhole. We won, of course. And my body is crying for rest and food, a bottle of beer, cups of black as sin coffee, a stick of Marlboro. Thanks god for the gf. She’s sweet to me this morning. She always is. She cooked me breakfast – two boiled eggs, a half-bowl of oat meal, two packets of canton, two plates of rice. I’m a new man again. But I still need some sleep. We watched the Miami Heat-New York Knicks game on my laptop. My team lost by a fucking hundred margin. But sometimes the gods have to know defeat, or whatever that means. A short rest for the weary at last. The gf is taking a bath. I lighted a fag. Write a little. We will be going to SM to pay my piling bills. Need my bath now. 

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