Sunday, July 15, 2012

Playing Against Rodel Mayol, A Draw

Something not happening everyday at Norkis Park: we played pickup Basketball game against Rodel Mayol. Twice. They won the first one with a point difference. We played too nice. We didn’t want the local hero to get injured or something. They took advantage, of course. We weren't nice the second game. We beat them, 17-11.  Rubber match next week?
Rodel Mayol launching a nasty jab to Ivan Calderon's face.
I approached him after the game. We high-fived.

When’s your next fight? I asked.

September, against Tamara. The one who beat Brian Viloria?

Yeah I saw that fight. Tamara’s tough, but he was also beaten by Melindo (I should have not said that). That would be a good match. I’ll look forward to it. Good luck, bai.

I went to the ref to get my winnings from the last two games. Great weekend.

I need a beer.