Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Wrote Something, And It Was Nice!

One of the many things I’ve been doing that I haven’t blog much about is my work at the call center. They have me as a writer for their websites, and they have a lot of them. I’ve been writing for the company for nearly two years, and they are all hack work anyway, not much to brag about.

But from time to time I succeeded to churn out some nice piece that I particularly like after reading it the next day.

Not really good. Well, not yet. But something to blog about, something worthy to mention in the blog.

I originally titled it “In Defense of Outsourcing: Why Obama Gets It Wrong on Outsourcing”. We change it a little bit to avoid complications. Here’s said piece: In Defense of Outsourcing: Why Some Politicians Get It Wrong on Outsourcing.

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