Thursday, January 10, 2013

1and1.Com Review: Cocksucker Stole My Money

Stay away from like the fucking plague, folks! Don’t tell me I’ve not warned you.

We take your fucking money and run. That's what we do.
This is my first post of the year and I’m pissed, fucking livid.

No one wants a negative post to start a new year, right? But what you’re gonna do? When someone steals money from you, you stop him or her or at least try to stop the fucker from doing it to others.

That’s how it is. It can happen to anyone. It can happen to you. So you do everything in your power to tell the wanker to fuck off, and see to it that what happened to you won’t happen to anyone you know.

1And1.Com Will Rip Your Hard-Earned Money Off!

1and1 is a web hosting company that offers the most effective solutions to steal money from people masquerading as a web hosting company that provides domains, eCommerce, servers, email accounts and many other best proven ways to dupe customers and take their money.

Don't just take my word for it. Read this, this, and this. Follow this Twitter if you like or this Facebook. Okay you now get the picture.

So guys, consider yourself warned: stay the fuck away from like the fucking plague!

Fucking 1And1.Com Is A Company That’s Full Of Shit!

Here’s what happened.

You see, I’m poor web writer trying to earn an honest living through some writing projects I get from the internet. I also try to find other helpful ways to eke out some income through a niche website. So I bought a domain from 1and1 which was a mistake in the first place because I am not much of niche website guy and I didn't do my research about 1andrun. I paid my money for the domain and just parked it there. After exactly a year I decided to let go of the domain and cancel my subscription of 1andshit service after receiving annoying emails from them something about reviewing my account, updating this and that and to top it off they sent me an invoice. Annoyed I cancelled my entire account in the last week of December.

But lo and fucking behold, when I opened my email on January 1, 2013, PayPal sent me this receipt:
Hello customer,
You sent a payment of $____ USD to 1and1 Internet Inc.

1And1 Internet Inc Are Ran By Shitheads!

Fucking thieving wankers, indeed. How did they do that? They still have access to my PayPal? Don’t I have to confirm anything involving my money on my account before PayPal sends any money to anyone. There must be some kind of a mistake. So I shoot 1and1 an angry email conveying my displeasure and anger as their customer. Also notified PayPal. PayPal says they will look into this, wait for 10 business days.

We’ve some interesting exchange of emails with 1and1. Apparently, they are not sending back my money. Some guy named, John Keefer, maybe the unfortunate guy who got the unfortunate shitty job of dealing with pissed off customers like me, and they must have a lot of us customers they’ve pissed off, sent me the last email thanking me for my patience. What?! Really John Keefer? How about thanking me for my money, John Keefer!

As you can see, I have a big mouth when someone plays dirty tricks on me. So I sent them a final email.

So that's how you operate you fucking wankers! Stealing money from people! You dirty thieving troglodytes! Apparently, you haven't read anything by Zig Ziglar on how to treat customers. You should learn from companies like GoDaddy and M2Host. They treat their customers fairly. Companies like them will go far in the business.'s naughty tactics and dirty dealings will be your sodding downfall. Mark those words. Also word-of-mouth from us customers will see to it that you cocksuckers will burn to fucking oblivion.
There are millions of us and welcome to a whole new level of fucking internet infamy, 1and1!

1And1.Com Will Bleed You To Death. 

Painful lesson, eh!?

With that, guys, use my experience to protect yourself and your investment. Be very careful with these kinds of companies that scrupulously use dirty tactics in the books to blag you out of your money.

Shit, shit, shit, fuck! I bloody work hard to earn that money, you fucking cocksuckers!

So remember everyone who makes a living off the internet, Stay Away From 1And1.Com Like The Fucking Plague. 

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  1. Boycott 1and1 Internet - Our page is here to expose 1&1 Internet's fraudulent business practices and among other things to get their domain registrar accreditation revoked.

    Like our Facebook page. There is strength in numbers.