Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Breakfast with Dreiser

Lovely day...’ I woke up early, went to the market, a cup of coffee, had breakfast.

I should have taxed my time writing more posts for this blog. But I am incorrigible. Especially when it comes to my real duties. In which real duties mean writing about the world as it appears to me, make some quips over things of note that happen during the day, and just filled up some postworthy in this blog for its own sake. Or maybe add one chapter for my novel-in-progress. But I am doing just the opposite and it’d be some struggle to drag my self to sit still for some minutes with this laptop and write. Write anything as it’s my nature to do so. And some slugs surely help too.

But it does not mean that I spend my time on mere idleness. No. I am not that. I am actually always writing. But writing articles that immediately convert into dollars. Those sweet lovelies that buy me my wine, some books, and other necessities in life. And the girlfriend is my faithful comrade too in all of this. And I thank her for that. (See there beauty, I gave reference to you and also thanking to boot. You should blow me some of those Angel’s for two later.)

However, the orders have stopped momentarily which seems to be part of the rule, or something. (I am only just two months of this stint). But they will come soon. When I said they will, it would be like that old when it rains it pours wise adage.

So for meantime, we spend some significant time with my girlfriend learning many things together and from each other. If that’s anything good for a euphemism.

I am thinking of making a review of Theodore Dreiser's life and novels. Now reading another biography of the man, Dreiser by W. A. Swanberg. The man’s early life has some chilling resemblance to mine. And most of them are inglouriously bleak. I should ask you then to remember me in your prayers.

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