Monday, September 7, 2009

"Fondness In Hell" (Or wtf, I wrote a novel and I think I am drunk!)

Chapter 1 (of I still have no idea of how many)

There was lots of fuzz in the house. Regee’s father just died and that would suddenly mean many things to do for the family. The children in the house were amused of the hubbub and their attention focused on the room where Regee’s father had lie for days. After observing their grandma and their mother doing things and seemed not to see them that they started running around and would only behave when their mother caught one’s hair or pinched the other in the stomach.

There is also the uncle who really stood as the breadwinner and now initiated the burial preparation. Regee’s grandfather had died for some years when Regee was only two and didn’t understand anything yet. His mother was said to be just somewhere, but where, he did not know and he seldom asked except his father or when he had bad dreams and he talked in his sleep crying for his mother he never saw and but no one heard him except the darkness in the house.

The house has two stories but not big. The one room in the second floor was occupied by the boarders. Most of the family lived below that had two big rooms and Regee, Mannie, the deceased father, Regine, his young sister had took up the smaller room with his grandmother. The bigger room belonged to his aunt who had children. Boyet, his good uncle, dwelled in the room beside the boarder’s.

And now his father died.


  1. waiting for the next chapter...

  2. I wrote the scrap of a story above after reading the earlier life of Theodore Dreiser, which has a resemblance of my own also earlier in life. The plot just formed in my head which is kind of strong that I cannot but try to relate it here, or it will haunt me during nights of desolation and drunkenness. Anyway, thanks for reading.