Sunday, September 27, 2009

Whirled Peace is Dead! Dead! Dead!

Yes, folks, Whirled Peace is dead. Kaput. I murdered it. And I feel not a pang of guilt in my conscience. Okay I lied. I am feeling a qualm of remorse actually. I like the original concept of the blog and I had put life in it with a character that everybody will hate, and probably a few will love. It gives me a voice and a nice page to divert my thoughts and keep me from executing any criminal intent I harbor in my brain. I nurtured it like a baby till it learned to crawl and it slowly progressed to trudge on on its own. It listened to my wisdom when it asked my permission to rape other internet babies that populate the InterWebz. Yes, that baby was loyal to me. But, damn man, I killed it just the same. I mourned its death and laid it to rest with a saint’s prayer, if only I could remember that saint’s name for murdered babies.

But if you really want to know, that murder was necessary to give birth to a saner (and probably soberer) one. And just you wait for its inception.

That said, I now have a new resolution (or is it a program? a new approach?) to my writing life. Maybe my previous one was a result of too much brooding on my part, although I desire for a lighter one. And the drink was not much of a help (though more booze would have been much appreciated if more were available). But I cannot deny the fact that I enjoyed watching myself as I wrote those things, and how some people reacted to them, and me reacting to their reaction. I have learned many things from the experience, which would be a useful material when I finally write seriously in the near future (if there's such a one).

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