Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Baked Fruit Salad, No Dammit I Grilled Them

The girlfriend wants to treat my family. After several nights of talking in the phone, discussing about what could be the best treat for the family, we decided on some surprise. My parents, my younger sister, her husband and their 2-year-old baby, Gian, were a bit excited when I told them about the surprise. And that yes, the trip to zoo, or something, came up and rejected as boring. Then, I told them excitedly about a possible demonstration of our cooking skills. The girlfriend’s cooking skill, and my imagined cooking powers.

So that Wednesday, with some money in my pocket, I took a jeepney ride to SM where I would meet Jenny (the said girlfriend), and buy those ingredients for fruit salad. By the time I arrived in SM, all my money was gone. I’s about to pay for the book The Dark Side Of Genius when I noticed that my fucking money was somehow lost. I apologized to the lady in the counter and put the book back in the rack.

The girlfriend looked beautiful in her pink t-shirt and jeans. I told her I lost my money, and she said ‘well, not the first time’. I still don’t know what that means. So we went to pay some bills, bought a cooling pad for our laptop, and to the grocery section for the fruit salad.

I won’t bore you with how I baked those chunked fruits, and grilled the rest of the ingredients in my head, that is, while I was looking at my girlfriend doing all those hard work of preparing the fruit salad. She looked nice and cute while doing so and I’s smothering her, well, again, in my head. And I love her so much.

Well, the surprise was complete when Gian, not too fond of eating almost anything, ate a large serving of the fruit salad, and was still asking for it the next day.

So why I am writing you this, my dear invisible readers? So as you may know that all I did is not just writing about how I look forward to Mel Gibson's Apocalyptic vision to happen, or how your girlfriend's boobs are looking seriously at me, or something to that effect. That I am human too and not just some internet bloke who's not capable of loving the humanity.

Okay, of loving you, dear reader.

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