Sunday, June 28, 2009

Boxing Loves Me or Flying F-Balls Will Smother You

Lousy Sunday morning. Sipping the second cup of black coffee with a bad headache. And boxing saves my day.

CS9 Channel shows live the Juan Manuel Lopez fight.

The first match was good enough to make me get up from my bed. The undefeated Armenian pugilist with a difficult name won the fight. The second bout, however, was so bad the people at the arena booed. I booed with a passion. How the fuck did they get there in the first place? They are supposed to be the top contenders of their weight division. Or so the commentators said. But those fucking enormous guys with rubber balls swinging, doing harder work than two of them combined, are fucking bums. The fight was so hated by the end of the third round that the referee stopped it as a no-decision.

The third match is something special. It’s a fight between a Filipino boxer, Fernando Lumicad, against the awesome Jorge Arce. I remember the last fight of Arce against The Bully Darchinyan. Arce’s bloody face and a real fighter’s heart toughed the rounds till his corners decided to put a stop of his agony, or so they thought. Arce was so angered by the decision out of dignity and pride. He wanted to continue till the last round ‘coz as he said “I am a (knockout) puncher and I know I can knock him out cold if only they'd given me one more round. But wtf...”

Anyway he climbed into the ring with his usual cowboy hat and a lollipop in his mouth. Good thing too, with him are a new team of cornermen and a new trainer. By the third round, he indeed knocked out for good the lazy Filipino boxer. He should be proud of it. Arce did him a nice favor – a chance of a lifetime to fight a future legend.
“I am ready for the next fight... I’ll give you war. Something you’ll enjoy.”

And we did and we shall wait for more.

The main event is Juan Manuel Lopez against Lontchi. Lopez is, yes, that guy who fought our man Penalosa as you can see here. Another entertaining fight that adds to Lopez's growing reputation.

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