Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Tyranny of Or

I like you to stay a minute longer, dear reader, I’ve something important to tell you yet. I commit this same mistake again. And I feel like hell. Against myself. Against this beautiful woman. Against the world.
Okay, against you too, Internet.

As you can see, at my age, I am 26, single, with some millions of pesos in the bank which is not mine and have filed some couple of years living with what I wrote. I should be writing more than I am. I mean writing or blogging as much as I can instead of wasting my time with other things besides writing and poking fun at people around us: those foolish women you meet almost everywhere, men who think they know something about saving the world (I don’t know about saving the world, or even care saving it, so don’t count me), and making fun of those fucking politicians who think they have g-balls and vaginas lots awesomer and lots bigger than the other politicians among them. Which is crap, right? But, that’s what they have been doing, right? And we pay them our fucking money for some years now.

Fuck it’s our money and I think we should be angry and hang them, g-balls, vaginas and all, in some trees and put a signboard on each one of them saying something like “I am a clown and your lives will be less funnier without me.” But again, we’ll also do them some favor by hanging them still.

I know it’s not a good caption. But hanging seems like tough and a caption like that will serve as something to console them while them hanging lifeless and unfunny in their respective trees. Or something like that. Or again another caption that goes like “It’s okay to hang me but let’s do it later, if you know what I mean. First give me your money so that I can entertain you people further ‘coz I think you are much foolisher than I am. And that’s good ‘coz the foolisher you are the more money I can get from you.”

Anyway, this blog is not really about that. I mean about those foolish women or men, or those clowns in our so-called Philippine politics that I would love to see hanging in a tree with a more appropriate caption to go with it.

This blog is about this woman I should not have been loving now. But I gambled as I always do when it comes to girls who pass as a good substitute for Megan Fox. Well, Megan Fox has those gifts bestowed on her by gods: 99% superhotlegs.


I need some drink. And I have to work. Maybe let's forget about that important something I need to tell you. It's not that important now. Thank you for reading this far, anyway.

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