Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blogging Pacmania Or Don't Frickin Shit Wid Me Intenewt!

There are roughly 6 billion people watching the Manny Pacquiao against Ricky Hatton fight. Okay that is the world population, I’m not really sure of the numbers. But there must be a zazillion eyes watching the fight now. So many that it will be cool if you don’t watch it. And as you may know I am susceptible to coolness. But I want to see this fight and I am not cool. So fuck you, internet!

Right. All I did the past months is watching boxing, or spent my days waiting for big fights in boxing. And, yes, godddamn you, internet, this boxing is much too awesome to be ignored. It’s one of those rare things in life that justice can really happen if you really will it, where your true worth can be demonstrated, recognized and appreciated. I suck in boxing myself but I can knock out cold that refrigerator in my left. Now wait...See that internet!?.. See? Now just try to imagine if it was you...

Alright, I feel so much better now.. Well, let’s get this fast, internet. The fight will start any second:

The bell rings for the first round. Both fighters want to make some points. Some really good points. Those mean red fist-shaped points. The man called the Hitman does his thing unleashing many useless points in the air. The Pacquiao makes his reply and has made his first good point. The Hitman moves his head like a nod, or is it a shook. Oh cripes it’s both. Now wait internet what’s this? The second strong point just landed on the Hitman’s face. Now it’s the third..fourth...fifth..sixth.. It’s happening so fast. Now that’s the seventh..eighth..and ninth! It’s the strongest, most sound argument and the Hatton is down on the floor.

It’s the second round now and the Hatton still has some doubts, caused mainly by spiders weaving cobwebs in his head. Any time now, internet. Whooah! WHAAT THE FUUU!!!!!!!! Awesome awwwwwsssssooooommmmee! I HAVE NO WORDS FOR IT INTERNET. SO NONE NOOOOOOH NOOHHHOOOOONE!

Ye shall worship me till the end of your days! And ye shall not see my face and not die, Die! Dieeey!


  1. nas,
    which one man?
    far too long..
    i dont know what's naughty and not
    in your sense,


  2. Rej

    I am referring to that one written by a friend, well, once a friend, now a crusader w/ considerable passion to stop me from poking fun of the world and the many people inhabiting it. She's actually an ex. Hehehe..

    Thanks for dropping by this page..