Thursday, April 16, 2009

Among Ed

If Ed Panlilio will run for president, I'll promise to change my opinion on politics and vote when elections come. You see, I’d swear to my mind and heart never to vote again and do anything that has something to do with politics, except, of course, to poke fun at them politicians.

There’s nothing I would certainly love to see than a contest between “mega-gangster powers” in our so-called Philippine Politics and an Among Ed Panlilio. The difference will be shouting and one can expect lots of fun, fun, and fun. Expect the rest of the world both sane and stupid to get interested, see the fun and love it. Hell, expect the sane ones to show their disgusts of our present politics and offer their support to put a stop to all these disgusting nonsense. U.S. President Obama has already done that favor to us. Remember that picture below?

That's so fucking shameful. I stole that picture from a fellow filipinowriter blogger hectorolympus. You can find the link here.

Anyway, the Ed can certainly count on my vote and, well, my awesomastic unstinting support too.

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