Friday, January 9, 2009

Whirled Peace Got Hate Mails

I've been receiving hate mails lately. Normally I'd just ignored them unread. There are times when I've nothing else to do and I'd humor myself reading some accumulated messages from both friends and enemies that interest me. I sent some responses to some hate mails, making fun of their grammar or something and called them gay, which would eventually induced some more hate mails. They must have care too much about me and I am simply touched by their thoughtfulness.

Just this morning, with my head still groggy from last night's too much gin at our boss' condo, I opened my email and found some of those hate mails in my inbox.

Here's one line that simply knocks me off laughing, I almost fall from my chair.

"Just to keep you posted still shit this year and you will continue shitting the whole year round... and you deserve all malshitness!"

If the mailer's not flip or something and we interpret his/her words in the normal context as we normally understand them, I have nothing to worry about because as you all know, dear readers, I shit everyday. But I don't know what “malshitness” is and I shudder.

So, well, glad for the little comedy the mailer provides me, I did the letter sender some favor and composed this response below.

Well, here's some dimes worth to keep you posted too.

First off, it's naturally not my wont to give a damn shit to things of the past, especially the past that cannot help us become a better person at present. The world's been shitty even when Moses & Jesus were still not around and even when they're long dead, if you know what I mean. But I respect what I learned from them though. Or as I said here. So, you see, things still smell of shit. But the point is: if only you could be one of those people to tried to help make this world less shitty. Even this could be a whole waste of shit to me, or to you too. However, I don't mind wasting some shit minutes writing this to you.

Lastly, as you may have known, I am starting over, living my life the way I always want it. Which could also mean, that whatever may become of my life, I don't give a shit for anyone's opinion for I have my own and it says: Damn you people there's lots to life that still interest me! Simply put, life's been a little boring with me right now. So thanks for providing me some little comedy today.


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  2. Hello there. Thanks for dropping by to this here poor page where all things are possible:wrong grammar, bad-ass-talking-to-other-more-sweaty-bad-ass-talking-more-fucking-bad-secks! and, yes, you right, we caters here gay girl talk too! And lots too you can sure to expect if you stay longer! I mean FUCK-YOU-man-gay-sicks talking about grammar to devil may care!

  3. ok.

    last word on your word. "So, you see, things still smell of shit. But the point is: if only you could be one of those people to tried to help make this world less shitty."

    Follow your advice. You can help the world become less shitty too, if you would only shuddafuckup or better yet stick your shit into your ass.

    Oh I forgot, I just wasted shit time on you knowing you devil-may-care on other's opinion. Anyway, good gay to you.


    But, anyway, you are good, I notice that and I now invite you to come often.


  5. your both gays!
    wish i can invite you in my show..
    surely it will add colors..

  6. good lord your such an old gay poor deary