Monday, January 5, 2009

My Nweewyear Resolutions

One of my resolutions for this year, damn Ox, as them Chinese would love to insist it, is to break my vehement habit of not writing. Great, isn’t it? Great Fuck, no! Cripes. Did I just say one expletive again? I mean my other resolution in the list is that I’s supposed to eliminate any expletives from my talk, except of course when I get really pissed off or something, in which case I simply got no control, such as shouting to bummers in the street to go fuck their faces, hollering Halleluias & Penis to old women while riding in 21B high-way bound jeeps driven by hell-may-care drivers (examples of them run through ad infinituum). Or maybe just try to practice refraining from using the likes of those awefulsome language.

Now there, let me get back to what I just said about breaking the habit of not writing for weeks, which somehow characterized that now in the past: that ratty year (as them chinese would like us to believe.) And that also refrain from cussing and interpreting things as too fucked up that I’d have to say fuck you for fucking emphasis sake.

I mean, lo and behold, dear readers: I am a new man this year! Believe me I am! Just ye fucking believe me...

There now, well, maybe, just as you too would like to start this new year right, in full-blast and all, a lot better and nicer than the yesteryear, well, good luck man, we can all play along as the fancy takes us, which could last longer than we think, or as this last thread of thought in me head right now ends.


  1. good luck bro! u can 'do it'!:D Happy new year!

  2. Hello there Loydo.
    Same here to you..'Great improvement in you pages bro. Well, see you around..

  3. Well... it's actually good luck to us all!
    As long as our drinking sessions are not part of the "resolution", then we will certainly do everything right. Agree??


  4. "Drinking sessions", making certain everything's right and getting laid are things certainly will never be part of the resolution, if you know what I mean... Simply put, I agree with you bro'. Thanks for visiting this page and leaving a comment.