Wednesday, January 28, 2009

John Updike, 1932-2009

John Updike is dead. He chronicled everything about “sex, divorce and other adventures.” Okay, I disclaim anything on liking this erudite author though dead as he is. But I did like him once when I read his interview with Lev Grossman of Time Magazine. You can dig in the date issue I am too lazy to remember it. After that, whenever I saw a book written by the author in booksale shops, I just bought it without really knowing what to do with it, piles of them just cram up in my room. He wrote about 60 of them, not counting the essays, short stories and all those letters he wrote since he started writing at an early age.

Well, alright, then I admit I read one of his books and finished it, A Month of Sundays, and never again finished any of his books after that. I mean there were couple of attempts to read one of his creations and easily lost the interest to read the rest of the story. Maybe now that he is dead, I'll try to finish one of his masterpieces on Rabbit. I mean (c'mon!) Rabbit is cute. Right? Everyone loves them, cuddles them and puts them to dinner.


  1. one odd thing that happened to me this morning (aside from being given a vacation by an eerie BackOffice when it's a working day actually), is when this co-young-blood-writer has buzzed me that John Updike is dead..

    what is odd there? no, it's not about his death that makes the situation weird.. it's the thought that i don't know this old man jonas is talking about.

    so i surfed the net right away, so to acquaint myself with this departed being..and there i go finding out that he was an acclaimed writer famous for his poetry-like written prose..
    isn't this more odd? or just extraordinary.

    and one more thing, the blog written above his comment is nicely odd, too. and nas, i always like the way 'you' mix imagination and humor i your writings.. just so you.just so distinct. :)

  2. Right. As said in my Filipinowriter comment thread, I cannot but feel sad of our loss. He was one of the best writers of our time, no doubt of that. Again, I'd also like to add that I just read his article on J.D. Salinger's reclusiveness just few days ago and love it. Thanks Pau for your shared thoughts.