Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Caffeine, Beers & Paracetamol

Staggering days. Consuming more caffeine, beers and paracetamol faster than producing something to earn a living.

So with that, I have this so-called exercise. And I really need to write. Anything. Write anything that can be written this very minute. Well, Truman Capote might call it typing not writing, referring to Kerouac’s style, and he may be right too but I called this exercise before writing real stuff that could sell. I have these writing projects and I am already three days behind schedule and that creeps me out. So here better do some warm up exercise just like we always do before playing basketball or soccer. I play them when I was in college and some years at UST: one of the best times of my life. Cripes, how I miss those years.

As implied above, I‘ve not written a word the last three days and I am bit more irritable and agitating. I need to come up with something and fast so as not to disappoint my clients. The payment is already as good as long I finish my work. The topics are easy, I know. I am sure to just easily scribble them in few hours and finished them all. But it seems like writing is not as easy as that. I know for lots of reasons. One of those is my will to just do it. I’ve just started writing professionally, if we can call it that. Yet may be that’s just apt as people are really serious to buy my articles and I saw my articles too in various dotcom companies and one time in a national paper that can sometimes surprised me with such words, as if I just read them for the first time and like it.

Now that again of just willing myself to write that is just I need myself to master. I know no other things in order to earn some living and I am living poorly now. Well, people are born with money or beauty and I have none of the two attributes of luck and the divine, which make lives easier, except, of course, with this tiny talent that I choose to believe I have, exercising it, polishing it and nurturing it in order to soon demand something from it to help me feed myself, pay my rent and survive another day.

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