Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fucked-Up Diet Series: The BLOW-OUT DIET

I promise my friend to do for her some more dirty work on her diet, provided of course she grant me some wishes I have in mind (it's normally dirty). When, things all set, I conceded. So bitch, here it is as promise.

Let's go straight to our fucking business. Now, we might not be wide in our vocabulary with regards to naming our own Filipino diet version. But, for sure, we, Filipinos, are known in terms of ingenuity of dieting, and other improvisations, for that matter. Most Filipino dieters don't exactly know what kind of diet they are on as long as they're up on something to lose some unwanted poundage.

I give you now: the Blow-Out Diet. Anyone may make of it what they will of the name. But, this singular diet, believe it or not, is widely used by local dieters. Unlike America's Atkins or South Beach, we don't have a collective name for it to stand for the diet as long as they stick to their decision to eat little everyday. In that case, we will call it from now on the Blow-Out Diet.

This is the most popular diet, may even be the most effective, in the Philippines and its probable origin can be traced back to the common sense or genius of Filipino dieters. You may have heard of it as it goes around by words of mouth. It goes in different names depending from what Island you belong to in the country. But you can't missed it because, for some months now, your heard friends telling you and your other friends the advice “to eat little everyday”. In the Philippines, “to eat little everyday” means cutting down your usual food intake whatever kind of foods you take in everyday.

The Blow-Out Diet got next to nothing of any substantial literature to show its consistent and systematic way of approach so as dieters will be guided properly. That brings us to the reason why most of your friends disagree in too many terms in this particular diet. Some said never to skip breakfast. While others preferred that you don’t eat breakfast; eat full meal during lunch but less food in your dinner, preferably before six. Still others said no, don’t eat all day but only during night. And then, there are some.

Which is which? But seems like there’s some sense after all in your friends' head as most experts agreed that little harm is to come from this kind of experiment as long as it works best for you. Surely, pragmatic dieters will love this kind of method. Yet again… (supply your own reasons here). Now, you get the idea.

Of course, few of us want to follow as what others said on our diet. To hell with them anyway. You are probably more awesome than anyone. That's why most of us prefer to do it our way and regularly skip breakfast or eat a large meal at the end of the day. Sometimes we feel like Jesus and go for a whole day eating almost nothing, only to make up for it the next day with a real blowout. That, indeed, is called the Blow-Out Diet.

Now, be a darling bitch.

Cheeseburger natin mam'ya ha!?

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  1. ( 17, 2008 at 10:21 AM

    I'd say the diet : eat little breakfast, little lunch and little dinner before 7 o'clock would do the trick if you want to lose some weight. Why? because the tendency is you will not feel hungry and thereby not crave food as much. Eating before 7pm will give the food time to grind and be integrated in your system than eating way late and sleeping it off which stores the food in your belly than in your body.