Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How I Fail To Lose The Demon

We deal with demons everyday, right? Could be your neighbor's dogs, or phallic symbols, or the said neighbor. In my case, a demon that doesn't just go away is my ex-girlfriend. In fact, I'm writing this so that when she reads the post she'll weep like hell and I'll have my fucking sweet revenge. That bitch.

I followed the advice of my sister to bring her in some romantic places like pier 9 perhaps and push her to the sea when no one is looking. Only there's no pier 9 in Cebu and I hate my sister anyway for saying that. I turned to other alternatives like those imaginable sound bullshits I read in literature. I tell you, this is my first time to meet such a demon in my quarter lifespan of fucking living – whichever comes first. I thought it would only happen to other people.

But bless me. Since then I've been praying like the devil himself for some miracles to happen, something like the exorcist kind of crap and let her do her evil whims to other sonofbitches but me. [Umm, well, if you're interested, you can send me some lines of interest anytime and I'll plot things with you. And no room for errors I tell yah. She can be the devil you want to spice up your life with.] Promise I did all I can including some advices from those fuckers who wrote in their blogs on this matter, or in my desperation, I even resorted to do the classical thing like abusing her all day, make her buy me tickets for movies and marshmallows, choke her a couple of times, and banging her at some other nights. I told you she is such a demon. And she seems determined to remain so and stay as demon as she can be.

I am a believer. I put no faith to any non-sense and corded all my religious convictions only to what is awesome and other efficient crapshits. So, the issue is not of faith for miracles to happen and put an end to my suffering. It's about doing my part of pure-manly work and perseverance in trudging on everyday. One day soon then bitch.

How about you? Tell me about your demons.

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