Sunday, April 13, 2008


I got a call from National Bookstore and decided to go the next day. My piece won in a writing contest organized by The Philippine Star Newspaper. I'd get P5K for it. But that afternoon some sleep was necessary.

After filing some works the next day, I claimed the prize that took rather longer because the NBS Cebu Manager couldn't make up her mind if PhilHealth ID should have picture on it or not. Funny. PhilHealth IDs have always been that way, since time immemorial. When I challenged her opinion of things, complete with divine profanities and the usual finger routine, we finally came up with an agreement.

But that was not the story all about. The story began when I started taking out books from the shelves and putting them in a basket when I noticed a young woman. She was looking at the cover of a book or maybe reading the blurb. As I approached nearer, I smelt a whiff of her perfume, made a quick glance at her, then to her book. It was Sydney Sheldon's Master Of The Game.

“Would you mind if I buy that book for you?”

“Uh, oh.”

“I'm serious.”

“Okay. You maybe rich but you surely is stupid.”

“No. I am poor and smart.”

“Oh, that's me.”

“Maybe we both are. Now, listen. I want to pay for that book. That's Sheldon's best. I'd read it when I was 10.”

“Okay. I'll let you. But you promise, you won't get my number and asked me out for coffee or watch a movie or something.”

“I will not.”

“Then, you really is stupid.”

[Chapter One]


  1. hi nash...its a nice love story and i enjoyed it. its really stupid sometimes.

  2. Thanks for liking my little story. I was thinking lately of publishing some more chapters of the story, but have some reservations against it. Maybe some other time when my little fancy takes me. Also, hope next time you comment you would put your name. But that's perfectly fine. Appreciate your time dropping by these parts.

  3. If only I were the girl you met there in bookstore, I wod have let you pay for the book and then run...

  4. @ Some Girl

    hahahaha... I thought too she should have done that and spared me my heart...

  5. Hahaha, thanks Ms. Lol for dropping by these parts again.