Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Letter of Response to the Open Letter to myself… from myself

Dear myself [whatever],

I have read the letter for the nth time and several things occur to me. And I decided to three things only to exemplify the nature of this response.

Second. You are nothing but just an ultramicroscopic pigment of my ass.



P.S. Don’t ever mention mother again in any of your retardistic tendencies. I’ll not choke you, squash you or lock you up with a stinking old woman. You’re not worth a dime for that. You don’t even deserve the seventh circle of hell but far worst greater than what you can think of, imbecile. That is if you’ve got enough brains to think a step farther than what you so far done in your writing a letter for me like that. Next time I hear from you again I’ll condemn as you hopelessly are - a not a dime's worth petty retard .

P. P. S. You hopeless retarded. You even managed to induce a woman in to comment by making your letter not to look like crap. But it still stinks of crappiness idiot! Even your reply smells like a shoddy shit. You ungrateful brainfarter. You claimed to be myself and yet couldn’t even follow one best attribute I can really call my own, that is, saying ‘thank you’. What did you reply to that good woman? It clear is sloppy bullshit! You even mentioned again mother’s name. What’s that… oh, I give up…

Oh wait, maybe I’ll not, I can play along in your own flippest flippancy way, you next to nothing dim-witted fucker. But the first time you slip and mention again one of my root-words, beware..’

You too is warned.

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