Saturday, April 26, 2008

YOUR CATCHY TITLE here _______________!

I am back and I've missed you. No, not you you gay.

Wasn't blogging for almost a week 'coz well the Aldeguer Group of Companies, in which I work as a copywriter, is having this Summer Sports Fest. They asked me to play in one of their basketball teams.

Yes, I play basketball, you idiot. I play it so that people would think I'm manly enough and change their opinion. If only basketball is less physical, I would have extra energy and time to update my blogs and do some other things.

After our team beat other companies like USA Sports, MA Holdings and Loalde black and blue to boot, I feel great and think of nothing else but basketball and some nice sleep at intervals. Our only waterloo was playing against Island Souvenirs Company with their big guys and well some ladylike ballers whose business were cheering the loudest, fucking freaking us, while pinching players' butts and shouting YOHOHUHH! Those bitches.

Anyway, our next opponent will be against ALA Gym Boxers & Co [shudders] few minutes from now for the semi-final match.

I would have been the happiest player in the team, if only I have not these broken bones, a black eye and a cut in my left brow, some concussion and this funny pain around my pelvis – dammit!

Promise I'll not do this again.

Oh NO000oo' Dooo0n't... I'll kiiil yoh bitch!

I'm going home to mother. You'l see..

My right leg gets funny sometimes..'

I tell you I can make it this time... FUUHCKK YOHUUU!

* * * * *

Crushed broken bones hurt, suck and end careers. When your mother says drink your milk, drink it you fucking imbecile. But, well, if you're one of us awesome guys, [here's a salute comrade] things like these are routine like when our service is needed to help a damsel-in-distress in some Island or save the world from queer invasions...wait now..

...[cRracKs*!fuck$'!*#! realligning of bones]


[3 minutes later]

It took that long for my body to heal itself after tapping it's mutant healing powers.

[A masculine shout at the background: Hey gays lets go!] It's not for me sluthead.

And so, since my teammates just called me now to gear up for our next game against the ALA Boxers' team, let me leave these words, the one I spoke when I was the Wolverine: “I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn't very nice.” Also, you are so gay.


  1. I love u wolverine..' mwah' tsup!

  2. i love the black and white pic nas...:D

  3. Thanks I love it, too, meself...