Saturday, August 18, 2012

You Are What Books People Give You

I don’t know about you but we’re a family who cherish people who gift us with books. My grandfather (bless his soul) in his old age would still recall the names of friends who gave him one. Now I’m very fortunate to have such friends (which names I am sure to recall in my old age) and more fortunate to have such as wonderful girlfriend who's true to her promise to buy me books if I accompany her to Ayala, which she doesn't even have to ask. Just tell me where to go, Luv, I'll go with you anywhere.

I’ll always cherish them friends. I'll always cherish her.

Now these are my rewards for being the best boyfriend evah. Because if I ain’t why would the best girlfriend ever bought me these wonderful, wonderful books?

Surely such books are the reasons we were given eyes and intellect. These are books you must not deny yourself. 

And now to read this book:


  1. you're one lucky basterd.. :)

    1. Thanks to you. And you still owe me 50/50 plus 20 percent for A Dance with Dragons. Cheers!

  2. there's a (deliberate) typo there..should be 50/50 "OR" 20%. ;p