Saturday, September 1, 2012

Best of the Week Series: Bcoz Internet Wants One!

So I’m thinking of creating some sort of a series that will get my lazy ass off from bed and blog something that will kickstart the adrenalin, make you and me feel good, less bored.

A little bit of thinking gives me this: Best of the Week. So I said to myself. Okay, Self, lez do this.

I have a few pretty good reasons for doing it. One is to keep me writing, as often as possible, weekly, at the least. Second is to keep me honest and true to my resolution this year. Remember that resolution post this year to update this blog more than last year? This is one way to fulfill that promise.

So starting today, internet, and you, my dear readers (three of you out there), you will find me churning Best This Week blog post on my laptop with a steaming cup of 2-peso Nescafe, and Brahms or Kenny Chesney playing in the background.

Best of the Week will mainly feature links that will lead to:
  • > Interesting, funny articles that I’ve read on other people’s blogs or websites during the week
  • > Cool stories
  • > Videos
  • > Great tips about writing
  • > Great tips to get a boner
In short, anything that excites, nourishes, inspires, impresses me. And hopefully it will do the same thing to you.

In short, Best of the Week is for all of us, yes, you and me – to get better, mentally tougher, stronger, funnier, better read and all that shit.

Now that’s a date, aieyyt?

Unrelated picture. To the face, to the faccceeee! 

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