Sunday, January 22, 2012

What’s Going On In Your Life, Jonas? In 10 Sentences

1. Had a little row with the girlfriend.
2. After a couple bottles of beer, we’re doing okay now.
3. Spent most of my free time watching The Sopranos. Actually, Deadwood and Rome before that.
4. Feeling guilty not updating this blog.
5. Read a bit, which is not good. Should read more.
6. Winning most hoop games in Norkis Park, which is good.
7. Still writing for a Call Center slash SEO company.
8. Trying to grow an online niche venture.
9. Feeling bored sometimes.
10. Keep reminding myself not to get bored.

So there’s my 10 sentences for you, Internet.


  1. 1. sorry bout this..
    2. one of the many wonders of beer..
    3. kewl selection
    4. it's prolly because of #3
    5. again, because of too much #3
    6. let's drink to that!
    7. and another drink..
    8. and yet another celebratory drink..
    9. more drinks??
    10. definitely more drinks..

  2. Hello, Luv. Thanks for your 10 sentences. Next time I visit your blog, I want to see 10 sentences of what's happening to yours. Okay?