Saturday, December 4, 2010

How to Write a Short Story in 5 Minutes

Arrived from work. Tired. Found my little brother sulking in a corner. Ignored him. Ate my dinner in peace. Turned out he wanted a short story for his English class tomorrow, first period. Don't like seeing sulking people while my stomach is digesting food. So told him why just write anything that came to his mind, and tried to come up with something like an outline of his short. I'd take care of the rest. So I took a quick cool bath, drunk my milk, asked for the scribbles my lil bro had done. And commenced right away to writing. 5 minutes later later we had a nice little story. Read it below if you like. A slug of brandy would nice.

It is Sunday afternoon. Alvin and his gang agree to play a game of basketball in Norkis Park. In the middle of the game, Jeff plays it rough against the opposing team.
“What’s wrong with you?” says one opponent after he gets a black eye from Jeff’s elbow.
“Why? Are you a tough guy?” replies Jeff.
“Do you have a problem, bro?” chips in second opponent. Alvin doesn't want any trouble. So he tries to separate Jeff from the angry ballplayers.
“Back off, Jeff. We don’t want any trouble here. Let’s just play basketba..” A sucker punch lands to the face of Jeff. Jeff fights back. Two more guys go to Jeff with their fists. Alvin can’t just watch his friend get beaten up. So he joins in the fistfight and is followed by their other friends. A rumble breaks out.
The fight only stops when the Norkis security guards come with their clubs, handcuffs, and bad intentions.
At home, Alvin’s father scolds him and gives him an advice.
“I don’t want you to go out again with Jeff and those gang. If you don’t listen to me, something bad will happen. If you want to finish your study, stay away from bad company. Understand that?” says Alvin’s father.
But Alvin is a hardheaded person. He still hangs with Jeff and the gang, and gets to drinking alcohol and smoking.
One afternoon, Alvin and his gang once again agree to play a game of basketball. They put a bet, 20 pesos per player. The game gets tough. Once again Jeff plays the bad guy and elbows his opponent who gets a cut on his eyebrow and blood spurts from the cut. A rumble erupts.
Alvin remembers what his father once said to him. So he separates himself from the skirmish and tries not to get involve.
“What are you doing here, boy? You're one of Jeff’s, right? So you a coward now?”
The guy has a knife. Alvin wants to run, but it is too late. The guy stabs him on the back. The security guards and the police come. And Alvin is brought to the hospital.
After the operation and some days of recuperating from his wound, Alvin recovers and sees his family around him. He looks at his father.
“Father, I am very sorry. I should have listened to you. It’s too late now and I've learned my lesson. I hope you forgive me. This won't happen again.”

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