Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When Life Is Necessary

There are times in a person’s life that necessitate change. I think that time has come to me. Well a time too many actually. There were predicaments that had compelled me to make certain changes and exercise proper readjustments, toughing out, and expecting anything, like a lone deathslinger prepared to face whatever consequences at the end. Maybe even death. Some kind of a death of something, of many things that include, I suspect, life. Cripes, man is a mawkish animal. Yet I am not a one who has an inclination to melodrama. I hate any form of drama. With a passion, if you really want to know.

My life to me now is a hodge-podge of many things, sometimes confusing me and causing me lots of distractions to what I really want to achieve in life. And that is something I do not need now for I have a goal. Something noble and loftier. What I need to do now is to act. Act something to achieve it. Anything. Just to improve of what and how I am at present.

But the people surrounding me seem of little understanding, toiling hard for their life of whatnot, yet living their lives with great complacency and tiring bestiality. I could be that to them too. And I am too uncool for many of them.


  1. u have a lot in mind jonas....just let it out...

  2. Seems like just what I'm doing...'

  3. yeah that is why he is a psychopath

    buang man