Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why I Blog (Or When I Blog Another Internet Soul Dies)

I write for two reasons. No. Not to fool you, dear reader. But first for the money (I am poor) and thanks to my girlfriend who has arranged almost everything for me, making things easier. A lot easier. I can’t imagine without her now. And second is to explain why I am still writing, anything, like something blogworthy to you and for myself. I reason to my brain that if I am not writing for the money and for other explicatory reasons, where would I possibly be now? Or what would I probably be doing? Finding some answers will be pointless as you can see.

And cripes I can’t help myself imagining drinking some grog as the sun sets in a beach somewhere while toying somebody’s nipples, or something. (See, brain, how futile asking those questions?) Also I am a corrupted doomed soul, and I am better be.

So I just decided to stop asking and just continue doing what I’ve been doing everyday, focus on productivity and, well, quality too and see where all this can be leading us to.

And for some important note to myself: seems like I’ve now neglected my reading load for some days, no, it looks like months already. I am currently trying to finish reading The Complete Novels and Stories of Sherlock Holmes and The Dark Side of Genius. The first is a preparation for the upcoming movie, which I am planning to make a review. The latter is to feed my system with all the eccentricities I need.


  1. drunk or not, I always leave with a smile, smirk, grin, or an occasional trance-like look on my roomy face after reading your blogs!hehe keep that engine running!

  2. Thanks man for making this poor blokeawesome happy..'