Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Goodbye Whirled Peace. Hello Cebu Reviews – My New Home!

Party’s over at Whirled Peace.

All good things must come to an end, someone said.

When a door closes a window opens, said another.

If you like this blog, chances are good that you will also like my new internet home: Cebu Reviews. Read my introduction here.

Whirled Peace is a phase of my mental life, and now it’s over. I’m moving on to something more challenging, interesting stuff – things I like and am most passionate about. Hopefully you will like it too.

Always expanding and improving, Cebu Reviews is an online journal where me and my buddies will be entertaining you with humor, occasionally testy, articles, reviews, a lot of pictures and several mentions of cute cats (if you like cats), and information centered on Cebu.

I will be writing stuff, a lot of different, exciting and great stuff, in which not all of them will be nice, yet offer something of value to people I care about and help them in my own little way to make them become better informed when it comes to things related (or unrelated) to Cebu.

That’s that.

To those of you who visited this blog regularly, thank you so much. You are the best. To those who just stumbled upon this blog because we are imaginary friends and you like clicking links on Facebook, you have my thanks too.

My apologies for ending this in a disappointing note: party’s over at Whirled Peace.

See you at Cebu Reviews!

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