Friday, June 22, 2012

Miami Heat 2011-2012 NBA CHAMPION! LeBron Finally Got the Ring!

NBA champion at last! King James has finally earned the crown. An NBA championship crown that validates his greatness. It was a long time coming – 9 long years – with all those mockery, hatred from former fans, scrutiny from the media. With all his flaws and failures, he’s finally arrived. An arrival that’s more fulfilling than anything else in the world.

The tentative player we saw last finals against the Mavs is gone. What we saw in the Finals is a dominant, calculating, force of nature player making incredible shots, orchestrating plays and precision passes to open teammates, Miller, Battier, Chalmers, Wade, Bosh, and blazing his way to the basket – a combination of strength and speed, a thinking machine that no one in the court can match, something rarely seen in the history of NBA.

After so many years of disappointments, seasons of discontent, immature decisions and missed opportunities, LeBron James finally did it. And he did it with such finesse, brilliance, real joy in his game.

"It's the hardest thing I've ever done," James said. “It humbled me.”

Humbled (hope he remains so) and jumping up and down like a child with his teammates on the sideline as he watches and cheers for his teammates finishing off the remaining 3 minutes in the regulation.

He’s been called many bad names these last few years – LeChoke, overrated, fraud and other much worse labels petty people can think of to attach to his name. But I know and you know that those epithets don’t really reflect the reality. If you’re a lifelong hooper, a hardcore NBA fan who loves to see the game played by the very best at the highest level, then you know better and just ignore the fools and their fooleries. What you just saw in the Finals is the sheer brilliance of LeBron James, and the many other great things that this singular player can do on the court.

LeBron James has finally arrived and the NBA horizon looks much brighter and exciting. Now the LeBron James legend has begun.

Let’s enjoy watching his game while we still can.

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