Sunday, December 11, 2011

Liveblogging Viloria Vs. Segura

After some decent undercard bouts, Manny Pacquiao appears and joins the commentators, Henson and Chino to call the main event: Brian “The Hawaiian Punch” Viloria (30-3-0, 17 KOs) fighting against the Mexican fighter Giovanni Segura (28-1-2, 24 KOs). The three warm up a bit. It's a laugh alright. And I have my warm up and a hot cup of coffee.

The announcer introduces the fighters. Segura walks into the ring in his signature flashy shorts and Mexican music. Brian Viloria comes to the ring on a Rocky song.

First round

Viloria opens it right away with a combination. Segura is the Aztec fighter we know, trying to dictate the tempo and giving us a taste what the direction of the fight would be going. Viloria lands clear punches to the right side of the head of Segura, who just shrugs them off and tries to land brawl-style bombs of his own. We’re witnessing something very special here, folks.

Round two

This is a nice repeat performance of the first that any boxing blooddoodle right now is digging. Looks like a mouse is forming on the right side of Segura’s head from the flash left hooks of Viloria. Again the same hooks are finding the target that seems to slow down the Mexican pressure fighter.

Round three

The mouse swells up and now transforms into a huge “bukol” as big as a Chocolate Hill in Bohol. But still the brave Aztec Warrior will not go down and throws more bombs to Viloria’s face and body. Viloria is difficult to hit but a few straights and hooks landed that cut the left eyebrow of Viloria.

Round four

All the commentators are talking about right now is the swelled up right part of Segura’s head. Another face is forming at the side of Segura’s head, says one. Viloria meanwhile is continuing to pummel the head and body of the opponent.

Actually, the architect Filipino pugilist is now molding whatever he wants to mold of the swelling hill. Apparently, the game plan or style or whatever of Segura is not working. The round card girls are turning their heads to another direction rather than on the ring. The grotesque continues.

Round five and six

The drama inside the ring carries on with Viloria trying to finish off Segura and put a stop to his suffering. But the still dangerous Segura is drawing out all his reserves and heart, not only to survive but to salvage a losing campaign and try to knock out the champion. Yet Viloria is difficult to figure out. And with that head, it looks futile.

Round seven

Brother-in-law stands up from his seat and goes to the kitchen. I hear him now washing the dishes. He peeks for a look-see. The referee should call a time out and call the ring side physician, he says and goes back to his dishwashing.

Round eight

Same futile effort by Segura who absorbs more punishment. Another left hook counter by Viloria that landed to the hill and must have done some damage to the brain. The referee steps in to stop the fight. Good call referee. That’s for Segura’s health.

Congratulations to Brian “The Hawaiian Punch” Viloria!

I need a drink.


  1. hi blogger,

    picture's epic..looks like a one-sided, hydrocephalic head..


  2. Thanks for dropping a comment, Luv. Appreciate it.