Sunday, November 6, 2011

That Old Photo

Looking at that old picture evoked fond memories in me. It was taken 11 years ago, in a photo studio in Ayala. Those days, taking your picture was something special. It also cost a lot. Digital camera wasn't widely used yet and a roll of film was expensive. So we had to be careful with every shot and tried not to blink.

What we would do with the picture is something special, too. Most considered it a sacred relic. There was no Facebook, Friendster wasn’t even thought out. What we had back then was what we called a picture frame or a photo album if you'd a lot of pictures. Some put it in their wallet. I put mine somewhere in my locker to scare off rats.

That was 2000. Y2K scare and doomsday did not happen. We just welcomed the new millennium and everyone was just happy to be alive. We weren't crazy about Internet. We don’t hear of Google yet, heck we didn’t even hear of Wikipedia. We went to real libraries to read books or do our research.

There are six of us in that picture. I remembered them now clearly when we were just kids and how I felt about them. I rarely interact with them now. One passed away last year (and I am missing her). One is happily married with kids. Others have reinvented their lives and found their place in the world. A lot of things have happened since then. The world itself has moved on since that picture was taken and we've moved on with it.

Years later, I lost my copy. But one of us still has it and uploaded it on Facebook and tagged me. When I saw it legions of emotions and nostalgic memories just went off inside me.

It's now eleven years since that moment was frozen for posterity. Eleven long years of grappling with my hormones, breaking things and committing plenty of mistakes. Eleven years of discovering my self, forming my philosophies in life, and building some strength.

Add them all up, and what you have is the result of who I am today.

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